Kanchan Marine Plywood is specially treated plywood that is designed to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. Marine plywood is frequently used in the construction of docks, boats and other marine vessels.

If you are looking for genuine Marine plywood, you have reached the right destination. Certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Kanchan Marine plywood surpasses the required technicalities. It is manufactured with utmost care in the supervision of technical experts with well selected pieces of core and face veneers.

These are bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde BWP grade resin under high temperature and pressure. Further, the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water-soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organism and to make the product insects, borer, termites and fungi free. This specific stress relieving treatment is also given to check anti-warp properties of plywood, which make them dimensionally stable in both excessive wet and dry condition throughout their life.

  • Advantages of Kanchan Marine plywood:

Durability: Small scratches through painted plywood may expose the interior to water. Kanchan Marine ply resists all types of climatic conditions. Inexpensive plywood may not last long when it is damp. Strength: Marine plywood is stronger and has consistent mechanical properties. Resistant to Warping: This marine plywood resists warping/ cracking.

  • Suggested uses:

Being a highly resistant plywood to changes in weather and atmospheric conditions, Kanchan Marine plywood is used for all types of woodworking in marine and sea going vessels. It also finds good application in air-freight container making. Now-a-days, instead of using the normal plywood, people are opting for Kanchan Marine plywood even in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Technical Specification :