Creative usage of wood in various design possibilities can be realized to perfection by using Kanchan Decorative Plywood, available in a unique wide belt sanding finish.

The superior finish of the surface gives the plywood, a natural edge over all others in creating a classical and functional interior that emanates from the true depth of imagination. An interior decorated with Teak plywood leaves a signature of its own. Another important feature of this decorative plywood is that its appearance and touch draws comparison with wine. The older it gets the classier it looks. Many dignified hotels, showrooms and homes in India and abroad who do not want to take chance with any other wood variety go for Natural Teak plywood.

One can get the best out of this plywood if combined with a great designer's mind. This combination can take the beauty and look of the interior to unlimited heights.

Suggested uses: Wall paneling, kitchen paneling, cabinets, partition wall, cupboard & wardrobes doors & furniture etc.

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