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Kanchan BWP flush door is a durable product and known for its excellent quality, exceptional finish and unique dimensional stability. It is made of selected hardwood frames and accurate battens.

It is evenly constructed with same species of timber that provide a longer life. BWP grade of Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used for bonding the layers. It has extra lock rail that provides great strength to the handles and knobs.

Its hardwood frames provide strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance. A complete testing of Flush doors enables the company to render assured strength, safety and peace.

These flush doors are shop-floor tested and conforms to IS: 2202 specification.

  • Treated Doors with Hot & cold Diffusing technology.

Kanchan doors are treated with Hot & Cold diffusion technology which gives it the ultimate resistant properties to hold back the product from the attacks of borers and termites. Unlike ordinary flush door, treated Kanchan flush doors are capable of sustaining itself from the impact of attacks, rendering greater value to the product, in terms of life and usability.

  • Technical Specification :